VLC as video-audio converter

Which video converter should i use to reduce the size of video ? How do i convert video song to audio song ? Frequent question asked by computer rookies . I just told them you don’t need any extra tool for conversion you can use your VLC as video-audio converter. For what purpose do you use VLC media player ? For playing video’s and listening audio isn’t it. But how many of you know, that you can use VLC as video-audio converter. Follow the steps mentioned below, you will able to easily convert your video to any format required using favorite video player VLC.

VLC as Video Converter:

1. Open your VLC media player and click on Media -> Conver and Save (Ctlr+R)

2. Add your video which you want to convert and click on convert/save button

add video here

3. Select destination type where you want store the converted file and save with proper extension otherwise it will keep as by default “.ps” extension for file.

file added

4. In setting click on profile and select Audio if you want to convert it into audio.

set file type and settings

5. Click on Start. VLC will open and start converting the Video into format you specified.

This easiest way to convert video into required format using VLC as video-audio converter.




Essential apps for rooted android devices

Here is our suggestion of the “Essential apps for rooted android devices” that should considered , install these application after rooting  android smartphone or any android device

Most android users may have done this “rooting process”. In simple terms this process allows users to gain privilege control of the Android sub-system. Rooting a device is not that difficult. There are a number of sources on the web that will help you out. However, rooting a device would mean negating the warranty. Utmost care is required. After rooting, you should definitely try these apps.

1.Root Checker

As name suggests the apps confirm device was rooted or not properly. It checks for admin access. In case you do not have root access you have to go through rooting process again 🙁

Download: Root Checker

2.ClockworkMode (CWM)

Clockwork recovery is very essential tool for all rooted devices. This apps enable you to access your device’s recovery mode. In recovery mode you can install customized ROM and take backup as single image, install apps directly into system, If you are rooting for first time then go through the instructions and tips using CWM. It isn’t easy to use. You need to download ROM Manager to install CWM.

Download: Rom Manager

  1. Titanium Backup Pro

One of the best backup tool present for android. This apps require root access for installing. It lets you backup all of yours apps along with data cool isn’t it. It even lets you backup of system apps. One of dazzling feature of Titanium Backup Pro is that you can uninstall any app from your system. So all unnecessary apps you can remove from your system. Titanium Backup Pro available at Google Play Store for at ₹ 329. Free version is also available at play store.

Download: Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup * root free version


If you want to personalize your system then sTweak is the solution. The app is powerful tool allows you to reconfigure your Android kernel, so use this app with extreme caution. You can perform various tweaks like changing clock speed of your processor, enhance your audio output, enable dual booting and so on.

STweaks have one drawback. It is supported by limited kernels so one should go through list of supported kernels.

Download: STweaks







Gamer vs Geek things they have

Gamer vs Geek things

Gamer things they should have

Assuming that your gamer but your interest is not limited up to gaming. If someone do that or will be mistake. You love tech but you also know the that all tech have purpose. To gear up in gaming you should consider the gadgets that will boost your gaming experience. Enough to last in call of duty, battle field 3 or war of God’s.
If you consider yourself as game then you should have this inventory

  • Laptop :Alienware 17 price :1.3 lakh
  • Keyboard :corsair vengeance k70 price :₹8450
  • Triton pro +headset price :₹8300
  • Mouse : Razor ouroboros price :₹10899
  • Controller : Avenger elite controller adapter ₹3200 approx
  • Smartphone : Xperia Z Ultra ₹44600
  • APPLE IPAD 4th gen tablet ₹45900

Geek things they should have

If you are geek then you should read this article about the things that every tech-savvy should have. As a geek type you’re all about technology and technology for you.  Remember the proverb ” The journey is more imp than the destination”.  You are all about the journey of technology and fun.
That’s why you should geared up with innovative apps and gadgets. The right kind of great can only help you further your cred.
We recommend some gadgets for geeks :

  • Laptop :Sony Vaio pro 13 windows 8 laptop  price ₹74990
  • Brainwavez B2 in ear phone price ₹8300 approx
  • Grado SR 225i headphones price ₹12700 approx
  • Smartphone: Nexus 5 price ₹ 33507 approx
  • Tablet: Nexus 7 price ₹ 22000 approx
  • Camera : Nikon D7100 DSLR camera price : ₹87999
  • Victorinox cyber tool 34 Swiss army knife price ₹4195
  • Tshirt written I m geek price  ₹900

Buying second hand smartphones wait

Before buying second hand smartphones wait have look at this article. If  you are looking for second hand smartphone on Internet wait for minute and have a look towards the article and consider following points.
Now a days the digital age trend is much more.  Everyone is purchasing new smartphone, do you know another results of incessant technology buying spree?  Lot of second hand gadget that are ready to be loaded into second hand market. Cost of second hand devices is less. If you are possible buyer then before buying second hand smartphone wait and consider these ground rules.

xolo a600

1. Age of device
Age is important factor when purchasing second hand stuff,  I would rather suggest don’t buy the smartphone having age more than year and half.  If you are looking for DSLR or LED TV, wireless router then it’s fine to buy the 2 year and half older. Product of these categories are available at bargain price.

2. Physical condition
As much as possible try to avoid purchasing second hand smartphone unless you haven’t checked or inspected its physical condition of device.  Photos and videos displayed on websites does not represent it’s actual story.

3. Warranty and Bill of Product

If purchased  second hand smartphone having warranty then it will release some stress while buying second hand smartphone. Because if it’s under warranty then you can repair it if problem occurs. Original bills are important point which need to be consider.

4. Check for Accessories

Accessories that comes along with smartphone should be in good condition. Such as charger, earphone,  cover . Most time it happens earphone or charger won’t work, So before buying second hand smartphone check accessories . They should work properly.