VLC as video-audio converter


Which video converter should i use to reduce the size of video ? How do i convert video song to audio song ? Frequent question asked by computer rookies . I just told them you don’t need any extra tool for conversion you can use your VLC as video-audio converter. For what purpose do you use VLC media player ? For playing video’s and listening audio isn’t it. But how many of you know, that you can use VLC as video-audio converter. Follow the steps mentioned below, you will able to easily convert your video to any format required using favorite video player VLC.

VLC as Video Converter:

1. Open your VLC media player and click on Media -> Conver and Save (Ctlr+R)

2. Add your video which you want to convert and click on convert/save button

add video here

3. Select destination type where you want store the converted file and save with proper extension otherwise it will keep as by default “.ps” extension for file.

file added

4. In setting click on profile and select Audio if you want to convert it into audio.

set file type and settings

5. Click on Start. VLC will open and start converting the Video into format you specified.

This easiest way to convert video into required format using VLC as video-audio converter.






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