Buying second hand smartphones wait

Before buying second hand smartphones wait have look at this article. If  you are looking for second hand smartphone on Internet wait for minute and have a look towards the article and consider following points.
Now a days the digital age trend is much more.  Everyone is purchasing new smartphone, do you know another results of incessant technology buying spree?  Lot of second hand gadget that are ready to be loaded into second hand market. Cost of second hand devices is less. If you are possible buyer then before buying second hand smartphone wait and consider these ground rules.

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1. Age of device
Age is important factor when purchasing second hand stuff,  I would rather suggest don’t buy the smartphone having age more than year and half.  If you are looking for DSLR or LED TV, wireless router then it’s fine to buy the 2 year and half older. Product of these categories are available at bargain price.

2. Physical condition
As much as possible try to avoid purchasing second hand smartphone unless you haven’t checked or inspected its physical condition of device.  Photos and videos displayed on websites does not represent it’s actual story.

3. Warranty and Bill of Product

If purchased  second hand smartphone having warranty then it will release some stress while buying second hand smartphone. Because if it’s under warranty then you can repair it if problem occurs. Original bills are important point which need to be consider.

4. Check for Accessories

Accessories that comes along with smartphone should be in good condition. Such as charger, earphone,  cover . Most time it happens earphone or charger won’t work, So before buying second hand smartphone check accessories . They should work properly.

Suraj Salunkhe

Suraj Salunkhe is working Professional with reputed company. As an engineer he loves technology, blogging and Penetration . He also have experience in web-design, QA and Mobile application development.

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