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Mozilla Firefox is considered fastest browser or speed king today’s date. Here are some tweaks and hacks of fastest browser firefox.

Firefox is an extremely popular web  browser that’s developed and distributed as  part of  a free Open  Source project by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox has gained ground over the past few years due  to its  custom-ability and  light-weight nature.

Here we list a few  general tips followed by tweaks in the browser configuration to enhance performance and usability.

1.Use a keyword to search within a site

This trick bypasses the process of opening a website to search within it; the hack  simply condenses it into  a single search from Firefox’s  address bar, also called the ‘Awesome Bar’. Open.any  website with a search bar (E.g. –> Right- click on search bar –> Add a key- word for this search. In the tab that opens, enter ‘amazon’ as the keyword. Now  if you  want to search for an external hard disk on, instead of opening the website and  using its search bar,  you  can  simply type your query along with the keyword –  ’amazon  external’ hard disk 1 TB, in this case– in the browser’s address bar and it from the website. In this way, you  can  search for a query in any  non-Google search engine or  website with a  dedicated search bar, similar to the Omnibox’s ‘add a new search engine’ feature in Chrome.

2.Discover Easter Eggs

Firefox has  an awesome group of developers, which is  most evident by the sheer ingenuity of the Easter eggs hidden in the browser. Check out the ‘about: robots’ page (Type ‘about: robots’ in the Awesome Bar.). It actually has  references to pop culture usage of robot-themed media and makes a reference to ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The  Galaxy’ and ‘Futurama’. The ‘about:mozilla’ page  leads from what’s called ‘The Book of Mozilla’. This entire book can be seen here: https://www. The book supposedly tells the story of Netscape Navigator’s battle against Internet Explorer.

3.Boost  UI performance

We  briefly spoke about how Chrome’s performance could be boosted by using hardware acceleration. On Mozilla, there’s a basic  provision for doing the same. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> General. Check the  boxes next to ‘Smooth scrolling’ and ‘hardware acceleration’.  Enabling these options might provide a fractional speedup while browsing graphics-intensive pages.

4.Change the default email client setting

When you  click  on ‘send mail’ links on  Firefox  or   any other browser you’re immedi- ately directed to your default mail client  such as Outlook (on to change this setting. Simply go  to Preference ->  Applications -> Search for the  content type  ‘mailto:’ On the right, you can  change the  action type by selecting from  a dropdown list. Using this option, apart from email you can set default applica- tions that the browser can use to open files such as JPEG, MP3, etc.

5.Use the about: config page

firefox config
config your firefox for you

The ‘about:config’ page is where all the  subtle tweaks are  done, which if  experimented with responsibly could enhance your internet browsing experience. This is the chrome://flags equiva- lent of Firefox, in which Mozilla has bundled some really brilliant features. We’ll first introduce you to a few usability-enhancing tweaks and follow them up with some tips to boost performance. As we mentioned in the context of Chrome, these features are guaranteed to work 100 percent of the  time,  but at times could prove to be detrimental. How- ever, the features listed below are relatively safe and you can revert to your old settings anytime by using software called ‘FireTune’.

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