Download os x yosemite and hacks

Download os x yosemite and hacks

Make an OS X Yosemite installation disk:

Since the Mac App Store was introduced, all the OS releases and updates have been directed
through it.

Yosemite upgrade and hack
Yosemite upgrade
os x later install
os x later install

This is why -unlike Windows – you don’t get a permanent physical copy of the OS release. However, you can create a bootable installation of Yosemite or any other OS X release on a USB drive. This will be helpful in a crisis or while installing the OS on a different Mac without downloading the huge 5GB package again.

You need a USB flash drive (a pen drive) with 8GB minimum storage. Download OS
X Yosemite from Mac App Store and make sure you complete this process before proceeding
with the installation as the system deletes the downloaded installation files after you’ve installed the new update.
Firstly, format the drive with‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system and name it ‘Untitled. Open the terminal and type the following:

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.
createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /
Applications/Install\ OS\X\  --noint-eraction

Then press [Return]. The process will continue after you type in the administrator password.
It will take around 20-30 minutes for completion.

Selectively mute message threads:

Like with iOS, you can selectively mute message threads on your Mac. This feature comes in
handy if you’re getting annoying messages from someone you don’t want to hear from. To
selectively mute message threads,

open Messages app

Select the thread you want to mute -> Details -> Check
‘Do not Disturb’.

Rename multiple files at once:

Mavericks offered a batch- renaming  feature, however Yosemite takes it  to  a whole new level.

Select the batch of files you want to rename -> Right-click-> Select ‘Rename (x) items’. You can rename it in three ways:  Replace Text, Add Text and Format.

Replace Text works just like traditional Find and Replace, where you can find the text pre- sent in the file name and replace it with another name. Add Text appends the current file name(s) with the one you specify. Format lets you completely change the name by  choosing a  specific format of file name(s).

Try the new Dark Mode:

With Yosemite, you can change the  color  of the  menu bar  and dock  to a darker shade with a black tint. To do it, go to

System Preferences -> General-> Check ‘Use dark menu bar and dock

located under Appearance.

Share screen in Messages app:

You can share your screen with a friend or a client while chat- ting using iMessage. Some pre- requisites for this to work:

– Both users must be running Yosemite,

– Both users must be signed into iMessages

– A text conversation must have been started,  otherwise the needed button doesn’t appear. To  share your screen, initiate a text conversion

-> Click on ‘Details’ -> Tap the double-screen icon -> Choose whether you want to share your screen or see theirs.

Record your iOS device screen using QuickTime

Yosemite allows you  to record your iOS device screen using QuickTime. This  feature  is aimed at developers who  want to make video demos of their app. To use  this feature, your iOS device needs to be updated to iOS 8. Also,  this recording feature doesn’t work with old devices that have a 30-pin dock connector. This is where it pays off to own an iOS device  with a Lightning Connector.

To record the screen, connect your device  to your Mac using the Lightning cable and unlock your device.

Launch  the QuickTime Player on your Mac -> Go to File Menu ->  Select ‘New Movie Recording’ -> Click on the small arrow next to the red recording button -> Select your iPhone -> Hit the recording button to start recording

Create signatures using Trackpad

With Trackpad you can now input your signatures as well, and it works flawlessly. To do it,load any document in Pre- view or using the Markup on Mail app -> Click on signature button -> Select Trackpad -> Create your signature

create sign iMac
Select Trackpad, hit the begin button and sign

Use Spotlight search as currency converter:

The  scope  of Spotlight search is not local anymore. It can be used to perform search over the Internet as well. With this happening, you  can  perform many actions right from  your desktop. One such task  is currency conversion. Just go to the Spotlight search and  type “1 USD to INR” and  it will  come  up with the  result. Handy, isn’t it?

Close  Safari tabs on other iOS devices:

The ‘Continuity’ feature intro- duced in Yosemite is very useful if you don’t stray outside Apple’s ecosystem. With this feature, you can do the same  task  from multiple Apple devices without interruption. To make the most of this feature, you  can  use  it to close  Safari tabs – that you maybe don’t want family members to see – currently running on another iOS device.

To use Continuity, you need to  be  logged in  to  the  same iCloud account on  both the devices. If this is your cup  of tea, then head over to Safari and go to the tabs view. There you’ll see all the tabs that are currently running on Mac as well as your iOS device. Just close whichever you don’t want.

Use hot keys  to move the dock:

The  dock  (usually residing at the bottom of the desktop) can be moved to the left or right by using hot  keys.  To do it, press [Shift] while clicking the divider bar  on  the  dock  to move it to either side of your screen.

Selectively delete Safari history:

Safari lets  you  delete history selectively in Yosemite. Earlier, it was a Boolean affair i.e. all-or- nothing. Now  you  can  choose whether to delete  history from the  past hour, the  day  before etc.

Be untraceable with private windows:

Safari in Yosemite has  added ‘DuckDuckGo’ as another search  option  along  with Google, Bing and Yahoo. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn’t track you, thus, helping maintain your privacy.

duckduck go on mac
private on imac

To  use it as  your default search engine (in place of Google), click on the magnifying glass to the  left of the  address bar  and select ‘DuckDuckGo’ from the list.

Place and answer iPhone calls from Mac:

Another newly introduced feature in Yosemite, ‘Handsoff ’ lets you place and answer iPhone calls  from your Mac. With this feature, you’ll  never miss any calls  if you’re working on your Mac and your phone is away from you.

To place calls,  you need your iPhone and Mac to be logged in to the same iCloud account In addition to this, both should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now  that being done

open FaceTime app -> Log in to your account -> navigate to FaceTime Preferences -> Check ‘iPhone Cellular Calls’

Send and receive SMS from Mac:

The  Handsoff feature extends to send and receive SMS as well. Make sure you  satisfy the prerequisites, and then from your iPhone go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding > Enable it for your Mac. Doing  this will show a verification code on your Mac. Enter the displayed code and tap  ‘Allow’. That’s it! Now, you can send and  receive text messages from your Mac.

Use iCloud Drive as a Dropbox  alternative:

iCloud Drive is Apple’s answer to Dropbox,,  OneDrive and other cloud storage services. iCloud was initially aimed at syncing iOS and  Mac application data, however, Apple extended its usability to store other user files as well. Yosemite comes integrated with  iCloud Drive. You  can locate it in the Finder menu. Just sign in to your iCloud account, and drag and drop files into your iCloud Drive. They’ll automatically be uploaded.

Use Quick Type:

Apple has  introduced the  iOS 8-like QuickType feature  in Yosemite as well. This  feature shows suggestion for the  next word to be written. For  this  to work, you  must be writing in an  Apple app. While writing, just  press the [ESC] key and  it will bring up suggestions for the next word.


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