Why to choose Android Phone Over Apple Phone

From the time of its release in mid-2007, the iPhone has always been viewed as a high-end smartphone which is popular among the elite class. However, despite the initial competition between the iPhone and Android, they are both viewed as respectable smartphone platforms. IPhones have some features that are not available with Android phones and vice versa.

Below are key features that make Android Phone over the Apple phone:

Limitless Storage for Half the Price

While iPhones are expensive and always above the $600 mark, they entirely skip the storage part. With only 16GB of internal memory, you are required to take high resolution videos, iTunes movies, apps etc. and if you want to upgrade the memory, then be prepared to fork out an extra $100.

Android phones on the other hand provide a decent storage amount i.e. 32GB at least. Moreover, several Android phones like the Samsung comes with microSD card slots that allow you to upgrade your memory card inexpensively.

Screens with 2x higher resolution

Apple only recently debuted its first HD screen phone, the iPhone 6 plus. Androidon the other hand had debuted a 1080p handset about 2 years earlier than the iPhone 6 Plus debut. The highest screen resolution offered by iPhone currently is 1920 x1080 and yet some Android phones offer much more than that i.e. 2560 x 1440 screen resolutions.

Endless customization options

Apple really needs to allow more customizability and freedom. However, it is adamant on locking down the UI and allowing only a limited number of customizability options. Android on the other hand allows the freedom to customize your home screen with thousands of widgets that are available right on your home and lock screen.

Furthermore, some Android handsets manufacturing companies such as Samsung and LG enable also provide custom widgets which you can alter as per your likes and give your phone a custom look. Moreover, you can also install a custom launcher and theme on Android phones.

Variety of hardware options

Android smartphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with replaceable batteries. More so, ragged versions which are immune to water and rough handling are also available.

IPhones on the other hand comes in a uniform shape and a bit varying sizes (6s and 6 Plus) but require to be handled like a treasure, they can’t withstand rough handling.

A return button

The return button on the Android’s home screen ensures that you are transported back to the screen you were on previously with a single click. Interestingly, it even works when you are in the middle of an app. For example, if you are watching a YouTube video and mistakenly hit the Twitter handle, you can go back to where you were previously by simply clicking on the return button.

Apple on the other hand has the home button which does not transport you back to the screen you were working on previously, but rather to the home screen.

You can escape Apple’s dictatorship

Apple follows a strict procedure before allowing an app into the iOS store. Many times good apps and games are unnecessarily denied entry into the app store simply because they violate Apple’s terms and conditions. For example, “Phone story” a satirical game, was removed from the Apple store because according to Apple, it represented “child labor” and yet that was the entire point of the game.

Android on the other hand would never ban such apps. Moreover, you even have the freedom to install an app directly from the developer as well.

Android has several other advantages too. Where Apple continues to impose strict terms and conditions, Android allows more choice, freedom and flexibility.

Why did you choose an Android phone? What Android features amaze you the most?

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Flipd App-antidote for smartphone addicted

Generally Android developer design application for user to spent more time on smartphone device  application like games,social apps and messengers. Flipd application is specially invented for Smartphone obsessed people. Now days parents,students and working professional people facing the problem of smartphone addiction.Here is one app Flipd App- antidote for smartphone addicted .
Install “Flipd” App remove distractions.

Flipd Login
Flipd Remove Distraction

Flipd is Android OS(currently) based application which is developed by Canadian developer.Flipd sources says about their app “Flipd helps you spend less time on your phone. If you find yourself easily distracted by games, social media, and other apps, Flipd creates a lock screen that removes distractions, but keeps you connected. ”

How to use it:

  1.  Download the application from Android market Play store.
  2.  Login with Google plus or Facebook.
  3.  It will start to show you tutorial.flipd app
  4.  Click on flip off button.New pop of window will open in this window choose the time for which you   want to flip of the mobile.
  5.  In flip off mode you want use your phone it will give you one chance to unlock for 60 seconds to flip  on .

    60 second unlock
    Flipd app
  6.   Once it done your mobile on flip on mode.

    flipd mode
    auto response and sound enabled
  7.   After flip time phone will flip off automatically.
  8.  Done.
Key feature :

1. Invite friends,join group create to go in flip mode.
2. Receive call in flip on mode.
3. If mobile power off or rebooted while it is flip on mode after reboot it will automatically restart the flip time when it was restarted.
4. Auto respond message .
5. Make emergency calls when you are flip mode.
6. Open source application (No cost)

Lenovo A7000 flash sale

Today on 7th April Lenovo A7000 is released in India. As we  said before Lenovo A7000 will be available to customer from Mid of April. After a big buzz most awaited smartphone of Lenovo A7000 flash sale on 15th April organized by Flipkart. After massive success of Lenovo A6000 , Lenovo  launched next variant of it Lenovo A7000.


Lenovo A7000 offers very good features in budget price. It will giving very tough competitor Micromax Yu and Xioami Redmi 4 and Moto G(2nd Gen). Most searched budget phone Lenovo A7000 is priced at 8999 Rs only .

As we already mentioned the silent features of the phone in article Lenovo A7000 release date in India.  We  mentioning here some of the points which need to be consider before purchasing phone.

“A7000 is big on entertainment – but not on price”

For entertainment  people can choose it because A7000 comes with worlds first smartphone with new Dolby Atmos. To deliver a rich, immersive sound experience, music, video games and chat will be enhanced with audio that will flow around you.

Camera quality of the phone is superb rear camera with 8MP auto focus and 5MP rear camera


Lenovo A7000 brings flagship performance running 8 cores of the latest ARM Cortex 53 at 1.5GHz, the MTK6752m processor along with 2GB DDR3 RAM, the A7000 can easily handle high resolution videos, latest HD games and multitask without breaking a sweat. ARM Mali-T760 that can scale up to 16 cores to provide stutter free gaming anywhere.

Long lasting battery life : The all-day 2900mAh battery ensures there is no stopping your entertainment. Lenovo A7000 support OTG support. you can connect USB drives (with microUSB connector) for data transfer on the go