Buy one plus two smartphone

After massive success in Indian market one plus launching flagship device killer one plus two.To buy one plus two you required invite code. Invite system for one plus two is started, So you have to register for buying one plus 2 smartphone then only you can buy it.

Look of One plus two smartphone.

back of one plus 2 wooden
one plus 2 size wooden back
one plus two wooden back
one plus two wooden back

In one of forum post they mentioned first month it will be available to loyal users then after invites via contest and other manners. One plus also mentioned in post “Due to people support one plus reached at this position, One plus one purchaser, forum members,phone smashers we want to show you gratitude by offering  some of invites to you”.
If you wish to buy one plus two phone you can register and wait for invite of one plus two device. Link for one plus two registration is here

  One plus two invite

Registration process is quite simple you just have to enter your mail id.

Company said that the every register member on list will receive invite code on fist come first serve basis.Every day production status will be checked and invites will roll out.

So register for the invite and buy one plus two flagship killer device.

One Plus 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 4: Similar Pricing, Different Features

One Plus 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 4: Similar Pricing, Different Features

One plus 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 4 battle between two Chinese smartphone manufacturer companies. OnePlus 2 and Xiaomi Mi 4 are two exciting smartphones in the mid-range price segment. While both boast of the latest technologies masked in an affordable price range and both hail from the Chinese market, there are some stark differences between the two! Let’s read on and find out what.

Externals: Design and Display:

Xiaomi carries a 5.2-inch display screen while OnePlus 2 has a larger 5.5-inch screen. The resolution of both the phones is set to HD standards of 1440 x 2560 pixels and close to 550 PPI pixel density. Here the Xiaomi phone has a slight edge with a better pixel density. Moreover, both the devices have Gorilla Glass 4, which make the touch screen robust.


Internals: Hardware and Software:

OnePlus Two runs on Snapdragon 810 CPU & Adreno 430 GPU along with 3GB of RAM and a 64GB expandable storage. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi 4 sports a Snapdragon 810 or Snapdragon 820 processor 4GB RAM in 16GB and 64GB models with microSD card slots. OnePlus 2 uses a 3,300 mAh battery within it which gives extra juice for a daily usage. Xiaomi Mi 4, on the other hand, has a 3,080mAH battery with a lesser life compared to the OnePlus contemporary. Even though Xiaomi and OnePlus are almost equally matched in terms of hardware capability, it is the software, which starkly differentiates the two. While OnePlus 2 runs the Oxygen OS for handsets worldwide and Hydrogen OS for Chinese distributions, Xiaomi is set to use an all new MIUI 7 skin for better user experience. The only similarity here is that both the phones use Android Lollipop version as the base operating system.

Camera and Connectivity:

Both smartphones house premium camera lenses with great picture quality capabilities. The Xiaomi Mi 4 has a 16MP rear side camera and a 6MP front side camera whereas OnePlus 2 sports a similar 16MP back side camera with dual and an advanced 8MP front snapper. On the connectivity front, both phones have USB Type-C connectivity with 802.11ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS systems in place.


When conducting a generic performance test, the Xiaomi Mi 4 behaved in a slightly sluggish manner, and the animations seemed to be slow. However, OnePlus Two behaved faster in terms of user experience and display speed. When checking for battery performance, we found that OnePlus Two lasted only 5 hours, 56 minutes while Xiaomi Mi 4 lasted 10 hours, 4 minutes under the same conditions running an identical video loop test.

Overall, both the phones are economically evenly placed and have a good performance. Both these handsets have also been successful in generating a buzz and creating a panic among the bigger manufacturers like Samsung, Apple or HTC of being labelled as ‘Flagship Killers’. However, they are not entirely similar and have some slight differences. While the Xiaomi Mi 4 has better a look and feel, and is essentially a one hand phone, it does not score well on camera and picture quality. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi4 will keep you stuck on 16GB of storage that is non-expandable, and this is not the case for OnePlus Two. It depends on the user and his/her preferences to decide which one to go for. To protect the accidental damage and for better look you can buy cases xiaomi mi4 phone cases.