Easiest way to get bad credit Smartphones

Easiest way to get bad credit Smartphones:

People with bad credit scores know the feeling of being rejected by network companies when they apply for a mobile phone contract. Don’t worry – you’re not alone, and most providers know this. In fact, most providers now offer bespoke bad credit mobile phone plans that specifically target people with bad credit ratings.

As most of you know, mobile plan providers perform a credit check on each applicant. However, with no credit mobile phone plans, the provider doesn’t perform one, or if they do, they are very lenient when it comes to credit rating standards. Some mobile phone plans geared towards applicants with bad credit actually require you to have a low credit rating in order to apply for a bad credit mobile phone plan.

So how do you apply for a mobile plan despite your bad credit score? Follow these tips and you’ll be the proud owner of a new smartphone in no time.

Check With Your Mobile Phone Providers

Most of the time, people try to downplay their credit rating problems when applying for a smartphone plan. However, since the dawn of no credit mobile phone plans, it’s actually better to be upfront about your financial status. You don’t even need to go to the nearest store or hub, you can look for plans online. Most popular mobile phone network providers like Vodafone, O2 and Tesco have bad credit deals; they simply don’t advertise it as much due to obvious reasons.

Some websites won’t actively mention smartphone deals for those with bad credit, so an email to their customer service department is in order. Ask around for good mobile deals on bad credit. There are even websites on the Internet that help you look for the latest bad credit mobile phone deals out there.

Consider Alternative Mobile Plans

Most mobile plans come in a bundle – you get your smartphone plus a SIM card, along with whatever goodies the mobile phone network company offers. However, these popular deals are usually only reserved for people with good credit ratings. Obviously, no credit mobile phone deals would have severe limitations, but if you’re okay with these, then the chances of you getting a smartphone are guaranteed.No credit mobile phone plans usually require you to pay a deposit upfront. From a business perspective, accepting a mobile plan application from someone with a bad credit rating is a huge risk for providers. A large upfront deposit would lessen the risk.

Another alternative is a mobile phone plan with high service rates. This is a good option if your bad credit rating is a result of past financial hardships and you’re current stable and can afford to pay higher rates for services like texts and calls. Mobile plans like these can get pretty expensive, so choose one with a relatively short lock-in period.If you already have a smartphone, you can consider a SIM-only contract. These contracts almost always guarantees an approval. This is a good option for people who already have a handset.

Bad Credit Mobile Phone Plans As Stepping Stones:

While there are several options available to people with bad credit ratings, nobody wants to be limited in the amount of options they have. With bad credit mobile phone deals, there are a lot of limitations like limited choices in smartphone models and higher service charges. Fortunately, you can use your no credit mobile phone contract to improve your credit rating. If you pay your bills on time, your credit rating will gradually improve and you might find yourself eligible for regular mobile phone contracts.

One Plus 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 4: Similar Pricing, Different Features

One Plus 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 4: Similar Pricing, Different Features

One plus 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 4 battle between two Chinese smartphone manufacturer companies. OnePlus 2 and Xiaomi Mi 4 are two exciting smartphones in the mid-range price segment. While both boast of the latest technologies masked in an affordable price range and both hail from the Chinese market, there are some stark differences between the two! Let’s read on and find out what.

Externals: Design and Display:

Xiaomi carries a 5.2-inch display screen while OnePlus 2 has a larger 5.5-inch screen. The resolution of both the phones is set to HD standards of 1440 x 2560 pixels and close to 550 PPI pixel density. Here the Xiaomi phone has a slight edge with a better pixel density. Moreover, both the devices have Gorilla Glass 4, which make the touch screen robust.


Internals: Hardware and Software:

OnePlus Two runs on Snapdragon 810 CPU & Adreno 430 GPU along with 3GB of RAM and a 64GB expandable storage. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi 4 sports a Snapdragon 810 or Snapdragon 820 processor 4GB RAM in 16GB and 64GB models with microSD card slots. OnePlus 2 uses a 3,300 mAh battery within it which gives extra juice for a daily usage. Xiaomi Mi 4, on the other hand, has a 3,080mAH battery with a lesser life compared to the OnePlus contemporary. Even though Xiaomi and OnePlus are almost equally matched in terms of hardware capability, it is the software, which starkly differentiates the two. While OnePlus 2 runs the Oxygen OS for handsets worldwide and Hydrogen OS for Chinese distributions, Xiaomi is set to use an all new MIUI 7 skin for better user experience. The only similarity here is that both the phones use Android Lollipop version as the base operating system.

Camera and Connectivity:

Both smartphones house premium camera lenses with great picture quality capabilities. The Xiaomi Mi 4 has a 16MP rear side camera and a 6MP front side camera whereas OnePlus 2 sports a similar 16MP back side camera with dual and an advanced 8MP front snapper. On the connectivity front, both phones have USB Type-C connectivity with 802.11ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS systems in place.


When conducting a generic performance test, the Xiaomi Mi 4 behaved in a slightly sluggish manner, and the animations seemed to be slow. However, OnePlus Two behaved faster in terms of user experience and display speed. When checking for battery performance, we found that OnePlus Two lasted only 5 hours, 56 minutes while Xiaomi Mi 4 lasted 10 hours, 4 minutes under the same conditions running an identical video loop test.

Overall, both the phones are economically evenly placed and have a good performance. Both these handsets have also been successful in generating a buzz and creating a panic among the bigger manufacturers like Samsung, Apple or HTC of being labelled as ‘Flagship Killers’. However, they are not entirely similar and have some slight differences. While the Xiaomi Mi 4 has better a look and feel, and is essentially a one hand phone, it does not score well on camera and picture quality. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi4 will keep you stuck on 16GB of storage that is non-expandable, and this is not the case for OnePlus Two. It depends on the user and his/her preferences to decide which one to go for. To protect the accidental damage and for better look you can buy cases xiaomi mi4 phone cases.

Budget phone Yu Yuphoria at 6999 rs only

For gearing up Micromax launched budget phone Yu Yuphoria at 6999 rs only. and it will be only available on Amazon India.Budget phone Yu Yurophia is available via flash sale which is managed by amazon on 28th May.

At launch YU founder Rahul Sharma quoted that “We stepped out to do everything that’s exciting and new and today’s launch is all of that. We are proud to say that with Yuphoria, we are breaking the flagship myth and introducing our first smartphone that has been designed and assembled in India”.


Some of key feature in Budget phone Yu Yuphoria are

Buy Yu Yuphoria:

Sim: Dual Sim 4g support (Micro-SIM, dual stand-by)

Processor and RAM:

Phone likely to have 2GB of RAM and running Quad Core Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 with 1.2 Ghz frequency.


Adreno 306 for playing games and giving good video experience.


Micromax always lags in battery aspect by giving small battery capacity Yu Yuphoria is also not an exception 2230 mAh battery . Talktime 7 hr(3G) and on standby 140hr(3G).

one of the only device to come with a metal frame body at a Rs 6,999 price point. unique design with screen to ratio of 67%. You feel it little heavier due to metal frame. But Yuphoria is not total metal body it back cover is made of polycarbonate fibre.


By offering 16GB of internal memory and expandable up to 32GB YU done a great job as compared to same pricing devices.


The centered camera with 8MP at the back with look  nice, big ring around it, Ring broken only for the LED flash give the Yu Yuphoria a rich look. Front camera offered 5 MP which is good for selfie.


Speakers of for Yuphoria is quite good.

OS and UI:

Budget phone Yu Yuphoria runs on Android Lollipop customized by CyanogenMod.



Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and USB port which is located at center.

 Pros and Cons:


  1. Less price with high features
  2. Metal frame at less price
  3. Camera quality awesome.


  1. Less battery life
  2. Support service
  3.  Availability on flash sale


Buying second hand smartphones wait

Before buying second hand smartphones wait have look at this article. If  you are looking for second hand smartphone on Internet wait for minute and have a look towards the article and consider following points.
Now a days the digital age trend is much more.  Everyone is purchasing new smartphone, do you know another results of incessant technology buying spree?  Lot of second hand gadget that are ready to be loaded into second hand market. Cost of second hand devices is less. If you are possible buyer then before buying second hand smartphone wait and consider these ground rules.

xolo a600

1. Age of device
Age is important factor when purchasing second hand stuff,  I would rather suggest don’t buy the smartphone having age more than year and half.  If you are looking for DSLR or LED TV, wireless router then it’s fine to buy the 2 year and half older. Product of these categories are available at bargain price.

2. Physical condition
As much as possible try to avoid purchasing second hand smartphone unless you haven’t checked or inspected its physical condition of device.  Photos and videos displayed on websites does not represent it’s actual story.

3. Warranty and Bill of Product

If purchased  second hand smartphone having warranty then it will release some stress while buying second hand smartphone. Because if it’s under warranty then you can repair it if problem occurs. Original bills are important point which need to be consider.

4. Check for Accessories

Accessories that comes along with smartphone should be in good condition. Such as charger, earphone,  cover . Most time it happens earphone or charger won’t work, So before buying second hand smartphone check accessories . They should work properly.