Google code project hosting shutting down

Earlier Friday Internet giant Google announced  “Google code project hosting shutting down” shocking but truth . Google is about to shut down the code hosting and project hosting. The Google code were started by Google in 2006 with the goal of providing a scalable and reliable way of hosting open source projects.Since from the 2006 millions of people have contributed to open source projects hosted on the site.

project hosting no more
No more project hosting

Google sources said that lot of things were changed in past few years. Many open source project and source code hosting sites were popped up along with vibrant communities of developers such as Github and Bitbucket. The aim of Google is to provide open source project hosting were accomplished by these sites.

That’s why Google recognized it’s time to Google code project hosting shutting down. It has been also stated that from today onwards it will not accept any code or project, but the functionality will remains intact till August 2015. Project data will be available for download in an archive format. Google Code will shutter entirely on January 24th or 25th  2016.

Google code export tool
Google code export tool for Git Hub

Simply to encourage the user Google provide export tool by which you can migrate your project to GitHub, Sourcforge and Bitbucket. Find the link for documentation how to migrate your project.