Install macOS Sierra on Macbook Pro Retina

In this post we are going to cover How to install macOS Sierra on Macbook Pro Retina.

sierra UI
mac os sierra installation

Mac OS Sierra features to look for:

macOS sierra is next generation of Mac OS operating system. The main feature to look for in macOS sierra is inclusion of Siri. Siri is Apple personal assistant to help users, Siri provides same capabilities available on iOS, along with Mac-specific functionality like the ability to search through documents to quickly find files.

Deep cloud integration it saves all the files from document and desktop iCloud ,Continuity features are expanding in macOS Sierra with the introduction of a new “Auto Unlock” option for Apple Watch owners. Sierra is giving competition to Windows 10.

Steps to install macOS sierra on Apple Laptop :

upgrade from El Captian to macOS sierra
upgrade el captian
mac os el captian
  1. Click on the link below macOS sierra.
  2. It will ask for permission to open external application iStore on macOS
  3. There you find option to download macOS sierra for your Macbook pro

    appstore sierra
    appstore with installation option for sierra
  4. Click on download button(ensure that you have good wifi or LAN connectivity)
  5. Size of the OS is approx 4.7GB it will take approx half to 1 hour depends on net speed.
  6. You can check the progress of download as shown in above picture.
  7. After complete download Sierra os install version is appear in Application menu.application
  8. If you want to install afterwards you can install by simply clicking on application option.(Take backup of files from folders documents,desktop and download folder before installing os)
  9. On click of Install macOS sierra it will display window to accept terms and conditions.

    log macos sierra
    macOS sierra logo
  10. Option to select drive will appear where you want to install the OS.
  11. After following above steps it will ask you for reboot the Macbook laptop.
  12. Hardly it will take 15 minute to install the OS macOS sierra.
  13. After installation it will show windows to enable Siri integration and enable iCloud integration after logging to iStore to store document and desktop folder data on iCloud serversierra icloud
  14. You can check the OS version in About this mac.

(Note: Applications previously installed remain intact after the os upgrade from EL Captain to mac OS Sierra)

These are the simple steps to install mac OS sierra on macbook pro retina.