Gamer vs Geek things they have

Gamer vs Geek things

Gamer things they should have

Assuming that your gamer but your interest is not limited up to gaming. If someone do that or will be mistake. You love tech but you also know the that all tech have purpose. To gear up in gaming you should consider the gadgets that will boost your gaming experience. Enough to last in call of duty, battle field 3 or war of God’s.
If you consider yourself as game then you should have this inventory

  • Laptop :Alienware 17 price :1.3 lakh
  • Keyboard :corsair vengeance k70 price :₹8450
  • Triton pro +headset price :₹8300
  • Mouse : Razor ouroboros price :₹10899
  • Controller : Avenger elite controller adapter ₹3200 approx
  • Smartphone : Xperia Z Ultra ₹44600
  • APPLE IPAD 4th gen tablet ₹45900

Geek things they should have

If you are geek then you should read this article about the things that every tech-savvy should have. As a geek type you’re all about technology and technology for you.  Remember the proverb ” The journey is more imp than the destination”.  You are all about the journey of technology and fun.
That’s why you should geared up with innovative apps and gadgets. The right kind of great can only help you further your cred.
We recommend some gadgets for geeks :

  • Laptop :Sony Vaio pro 13 windows 8 laptop  price ₹74990
  • Brainwavez B2 in ear phone price ₹8300 approx
  • Grado SR 225i headphones price ₹12700 approx
  • Smartphone: Nexus 5 price ₹ 33507 approx
  • Tablet: Nexus 7 price ₹ 22000 approx
  • Camera : Nikon D7100 DSLR camera price : ₹87999
  • Victorinox cyber tool 34 Swiss army knife price ₹4195
  • Tshirt written I m geek price  ₹900