Huawei P9 Latest Renders Differ From Previous

Huawei P9 Latest Renders Differ From Previous Ones, Will Not Be Unveiled On 9th March.When the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 dates were announced, the world was getting ready for the latest in smartphone technology to show their faces. One of the most anticipated devices was the Huawei P9 and given the many rumors that surfaced before the event, it was almost certain to make an appearance. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and Huawei fans were left heartbroken. Then, the Chinese company started sending out invited to an event on the 9th of March which was set to take place in Berlin and the hopes of all those fans was activated, once again.

front view

But it looks like, once again, those hopes have been smashed as a Chinese report states that the P9 will not be unveiled on the 9th of March. This is when people started asking if the device really exists. According to some officials from an unnamed company, the Huawei P9 is a real device and the delay of its unveiling has been brought about due to the dual camera’s that has been rumored over and over again. Apparently, the device has been delayed for a month due to this. Other rumors on the device also say that it will not sport a 6GB RAM as has been circulating for some time. Even the talk about a new Kirin processor has been put to rest which means the P9 could come with the same Kirin 950 that is used on the Huawei Mate 8.

What The New Renders Show Us About The Huawei P9?

side view p9 Huawei

If you have been following the device closely, you would have noticed some very obvious changes in the design of the Huawei P9 in the renders posted today from the ones posted earlier. Firstly, the camera setup on the back has changed a bit and the laser autofocus seems to have been removed. The second change we see is that the fingerprint sensor on the back is now round instead of the more square-ish design as previously displayed. Going to the front, the secondary camera and the proximity sensors have been changed about as well.

It has become quite difficult to actually say which one is true and which one isn’t as they all claim to be “genuine”. But with frequent changes, these rumors should be treated exactly as what they are and until an official announcement is made from Huawei, we cannot take these leaks with any sort of seriousness.

Already Got Its FCC Certification?

It looks like FCC has already certified a Huawei device called EVA-L09 which could be one of the variants of the P9 lineup. According to some early rumors, the Huawei P9 will come in 4 different variants and FCC documentation reveals that the EVA-L09 will have a 2900mAh battery. Pricing for the P9 lineup has also been declared with the cheapest handset coming in at CNY 1,888 ($289) while the most expensive one bearing a price tag of CNY 4,088 ($627).

What is your take on the Huawei P9 rumors and renders? Do you think the device is worth a look? Let us know in the comments section below with your thoughts and queries about the upcoming flagship from Huawei.

Redmi Note 3 pros and cons

Let’s look at Redmi Note 3 pros and cons. who is better Redmi Note 3 vs Lenovo k3 note vs coolpad note 3? Latest device arrived in smartphone market Xiaomi Redmi note 3. Redmi Note 3 is considered as budget phone of the year  due to price and features offered at budget range of 10k only.

Key features to look for in Redmi Note 3:

  • 5.5 inch IPS display screen 433dpi.
  • Mediatek Helio X10 chipset, octa-core 2.0GHz Cortex-A53; PowerVR G6200 GPU.
  • Two models available 2GB (16GB model) or 3GB (32GB model) of RAM.
  • 13MP main camera rear camera with hybrid phase detect auto focus, dual-LED dual-tone flash and 5MP front-facing camera, 1080p at 30fps video recording
  • 1080p video capture at 30fps
  • 4G LTE Cat.4 , Dual SIM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, FM radio, GPS
  • IR port
  • Dual-microphone active noise canceling
  • 4,000 mAh non-removable battery, fast charging

Design and Display:

Redmi note 3 comes with metal body, avialble in 3 colors Gold, Silver and Dark Grey colours. Compare to previous version it fills lighter and slim. Due to uni-body metallic design you can not remove back cover.

gold redmi note 3

Redmi Note 3 comes with hybrid SIM and Micro SD card. User can insert either one or both simultaneously. The maximum storage for SD card 32GB. The power and volume rocker are located in the right. The audio jack as well as IR emitter are placed at the top and USB charging port is available at the bottom. Fingerprint sensor just placed below the main camera, so you can unlock easily by touching it.

The Redmi Note 3 offers a 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p IPS  wide angle display. The display quality is similar to Redmi note 2. There is no Corning Gorilla Glass or equivalent protection on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. So screen guard is necessary.

The screen glass is rather reflective. Xiaomi’s Sunlight Display feature, which adjusts the contrast and colours of the screen according to the surrounding light, offers good visibility

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with an IR blaster, which can be used to control home appliances such as the Television.


Redmi note 3 comes with 13MP back camera equipped with a new dual-tone dual-LED flash and auto focus feature. 5 MP front camera also works good for selfie and video calling. Finger print sensor can used for catching the photo. The UI for camera is application is simple.

13mp rear camera

Camera offer good quality of pictures when captured fast and in normal light conditions. In low light camera takes time to auto focus and images appears grainy.


Redmi note 3 got more power upgrade than it’s predecessors. Redmi note 3 battery can long last 72 hours,  if you do an hour each of calling, browsing the web and video playback a day. 4000mAh battery works good and give good backup for video playing approx 9h.


Redmi Note 3 powered by the MediaTek’s MT6795 chipset, also known as Helio X10. Unlike what the name suggests, the processor is actually an octa-core 2GHz Cortex-A53, accompanied by a PowerVR G6200 (Rogue) GPU and 2GB of RAM. Redmi note 3 offers good performance than Lenovo k3 note and other competitors. Xiaomi done much of optimization in Mi7Ui for users to offer good performance.

Redmi Note 3 Pros and cons:


  • Good camera quality .
  • Fingerprint sensors.
  • Good performance than competitors.
  • Have good battery life.
  • Metallic body.
  • Budget priced.


  • No NFC.
  • Non removable back cover and battery.
  • No micro SD expansion.


Mobile in Today’s Marketing World

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Mobile in Today’s Marketing World:

Mobile in Today’s marketing world is booming. By 2019, nearly 237 million active smartphone users will exist in the United States. Alerting users to your presence has never been easier, and you should meet the opportunity with an ironclad business strategy.

Mobile in marketing world

To take advantage of 2016, your company needs to rework its existing marketing plan into “mobile format.” It needs to prioritize connectivity, cross-channel access and real-time solutions. To get ready for mobile-bound business, read the following reasons for a smartphone-centric business marketing strategy:

bad credit smartphones
Mobile in marketing world

Reason One: Social Advertisements

Gone are the days of static Internet ads. Twitter users spend approximately 170 minutes per month on the platform. Of these, however, only 50 percent send out Tweets. Users are “lurking,” and they’re digesting posted information. Because 71 percent of social media users are mobile-centric, the marketing world is benefiting from social advertisements. Mobile ads, now, are complete and interactive social media packages. Mobile ads optimized for reading are in, and static Google ads are out.

Reason Two: Structured Data

Information drives business. Mobile marketers have overcome the age-old divide between data and consumer, engaging multiple audiences with segmented approaches. Consumers love swiping through pictures, sharing content and interacting with responsive businesses. Content can’t be formulaic anymore because buyers are ignoring formulaic marketing approaches.

Fortunately, mobile marketing has enhanced each business’s “data gathering game,” enabling wide collection spread. Comfortable consumer experiences, now, are the norm, and your company needs to use the mobile device’s built-in data gathering services to ignite your outreach program.

Reason Three: SMS Campaigns

The power of SMS alone is reason enough to double down on mobile. While email marketing continues to exist as a comprehensive communication platform, SMS dominates in consumer-centric discussion. In 2015, SMS campaigns experienced seven times more success as email campaigns. Why? Because consumers treat text messages as response-enabled forums.

SMS marketing campaigns product results. They offer voting, in-message discounts, dynamic feedback options, opt-in options and even financial support. Highly convenient, quick and secure, SMS is becoming one of the business world’s most-prized assets. SMS will drive a majority of marketing communications by 2019, and consumers will expect businesses to procure services via text.For more information on SMS marketing, check out this article on multi-industry text reminder support.

Reason Four: Local Customer Targeting

Regardless of your company’s size, local targeting will always play a role in sales. Local customers purchase more goods whenarea-specific offers are available. The smartphone’s ever-growing location-based service technology promises a bright future of geo-specific offers, and companies are already hopping aboard to increase product and service sales.

When local customers can access concise, simple product search, they’re more likely to attend brick-and-mortar locations. Because mobile has enabled on-site support of local services, consumers can be targeted—and encountered—in multiple channels.

Reason Five: Mobile Payments

Sure, mobile wallets haven’t completely caught on. They are, however, growing in popularity. A recent study reveals that the United States is expected to gain $142 billion in mobile-based payments by 2019.

Brands are incorporating mobile payment apps, influencing in-store purchases from out-of-store deals. The mobile world has secured financial support, too, and even banks are utilizing smartphone technology to enable consumers. In 2016, mobile marketing will soar. It’s time for your business to double down on mobile, and it’s time for you—the decision maker—to incorporate a smartphone-enabled consumer environment.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing? I would love to read your comments below.

About Author:

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation.

Follow Sophorn on Twitter(@Trumpial), LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

Is LeEco Le 1s worth to buy?

LeEco Le 1S reviewed explained:

LeTV would be the maker of the first high-end Snapdragon 820 chipset LeEco Le 1s . LeEco Le 1S worth to buy? The Le 1s smartphone may be the first truly disruptive smartphone after Xiaomi Mi3. The phone brings top edge smartphone design in budget range. By offering full metal unibody design along with fingerprint sensor.

LeTV Le 1s Specifications:

  • Dual SIM phone
  • Aluminum body with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 7.5mm profile, 169g
  • 5.5-inch, 1920×1080 IPS LCD
  • 2.2GHz 8-core MediaTek Helio X10 processor
  • 3GB RAM, 32GB storage (25GB available to the user)
  • Android 5.0
  • LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, USB Type-C
  • 13MP rear camera with ISOCELL sensor, phase detect autofocus, EIS and 4K video recording, 8MP front camera
  • 3000mAh battery with Quick charging
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • IR Blaster for remote controlling appliances
  • USB Type-C port, MHL 2.0

The Le 1s is powered by 2.2GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage cannot be expanded. From performance point of view the Le 1S does a very well with other competitor. But in terms of gaming it doesn’t full fill expectation of users. It lags while playing heavy games. In the price range offered it works fine.

benchmark le 1s


The 13Mp camera on the back on the other hand is good but not that much great. It lacks details while capturing the images, images are quite subdued. It is good as per standard in this price segment today. 5MP Front camera works good for taking selfies and video calling.


Le 1s offers display with 5.5-inch, 1920×1080 IPS LCD along with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 7.5mm profile.The Display of LeECO Le 1s is good, there is some negative factors are also present in this one such as display is little dim. positive factors are color are well balanced and look good.


3000mAh battery with Quick charging. Battery works  good in the range segment offered, It last full day on regular usage.

Features to look for:

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • IR Blaster for remote controlling appliances
Pros in LeEco Le 1s are as follows:
  • Looks great
  • Strong performance
  • Good display and speaker
Cons in LeEco Le 1s are as follows:
  • Non-expandable storage
  • Unpolished software
  • Average camera quality

Price: 10999 only


Coolpad Note 3 Vs Lenovo K3 Note

In this article we are comparing two popular budget note Coolpad. Coolpad note 3 vs Lenovo k3 note. As we all know Lenovo smartphone it is time to know about Coolpad is a renowned brand name in China, but in India, the company is still a newbie. After some powerful launches, the company went quite for few months due to internal restructuring. The break was unbearably long, but the infamous Chinese smartphone manufacturer is back with the all new Coolpad Note 3. The brand name “Dazen” is gone now, but the entire concept of “Coolpad”is still the same- Good looks and top-tier performance at unbelievable prices!

coolpad note 3 vs k3 note

Despite being new in India, Coolpad Note 3 is receiving a good response from all ends. Even a person who uses a Samsung or HTC is switching towards Coolpad only because of its stunning form-factor and top-tier performance. The phone is hitting the shelves via Amazon India, and is going straight against leading players including the finest Lenovo K3 Note.

The face-off between Lenovo K3 Note and Coolpad Note 3 is really stiff. They both go head to head and offer great deals at just the right prices.Therefore, to simplify the buying process, check out their major differences given below!

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design and build quality, both phones make a good impression and feature brilliantly crafted polycarbonate casings with unique design elements.The old but powerful Lenovo K3 Note flaunts the Lenovo-inspired design concept, which we’ll rather call “dull” in terms of looks. It ships in three colour options, Black, White, and Yellow, and is fairly sturdy and comfortable to use with one hand. On whole, the phone makes a great first impression with its durable and good looking form-factor.

The new Coolpad Note 3, on the other hand, is slightly thicker and heavier, but its design something which you’ll barely find on any budget smartphone. The phone features a beautifully crafted display with thin bezels, and gives a great single handed grip with its slightly curved rear panel enriched withsoft touch matte finish.It comes just in White, but takes a dig against most smartphones in the design department.

Display Quality

While both phones promise true-to-life visuals, Lenovo proves its mettle by offering an ideal ecosystem for on-the-go entertainment. The dual SIM based smartphone sports a 5.5-inch full HD IPS display, whichpacks enhanced pixel density and edges out Coolpad’s5.5-inch HD IPS display in a blink.K3 Note looks extremely strong on paper, but in real life, you’ll barely notice the difference between the two phones. They both produce well-detailed images with good viewing angles and rich colour rendering.It was quite surprising for us, but the 720p display of Coolpad Note 3 turned out to be really impressive.

Hardware and Performance

On the hardware front, the situation is fairly balanced. Lenovo offers K3 Note with an incredibly fast MediaTek MT6752 Octa-core SoC clocked at 1.7GHz paired with 2GB of RAM, while Coolpad Note 3 ships with MT6753 SoCclocked at 1.3GHz coupled with 3GB of RAM.The USP of Coolpad is its incredible RAM support, while K3 Note stands out because of its terrific processing speeds. Therefore,to sum up, we can say performance is likely to be the same from both phones, it’s just that Lenovo is suited for gamers and heavy users, while Coolpad is a thing for frequent multi-tasking.

Camera Output

For photography, Coolpad Note 3 and Lenovo K3 Note both incorporate the same 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front-facing shooters. The image output from both smartphones is fairly impressive, but Coolpad Note 3 with an aperture as wide as f/2.0 performs slightly better than K3 Note.Its lowlight capabilities are much impressive, and you can certainly expect crisp and vibrant images indoors as well as outdoors. Lenovo K3 Note is also a good choice for photography, but with an aperture size of f/2.2, it does not allow sufficient light for lowlight photography. The secondary cameras packed with both phones are alsoequally impressive!

Software and OS

Lenovo and Coolpad both offer the latest iteration of Android with their power-packed budget beauties- K3 Note and Coolpad Note 3. Both phones run Android 5.0 lollipop out-of-the box with their custom UI on the top. Lenovo embraces its slick yet colourful Vibe UI with a bunch of customizations, while Coolpad has its own ColorUI 6.0 with very impressive in-app features and intuitive themes.The amount of bloatware on bothphones is quite less this time!

Add-on Features

Though Lenovo K3 Note and Coolpad Note 3 go head to head in several categories, some additional qualities make these beauties perfect for the price. The major USP of Lenovo K3 Note comes with the power of Dolby ATMOS speakers. The phone features an exemplary audio experience and creates an ideal environment for real entertainment. It’s surely a device for music lovers!

On the contrary, Coolpad Note 3 sits proudly as one of the only few smartphones to offer a fingerprint sensor in the sub-10k price category. The phone features a responsive fingerprint scanner on its rear panel, and gives added benefits of biometric security with perfection!

Pricing in India

In India, Lenovo K3 Note is hitting the shelves at a price tag of Rs. 9,999, while Coolpad Note 3 lets you Rs. 1,000 more with an attractive price tag of Rs. 8,999. Both phones come bundled with a bunch of offers, but K3 Note is a Flipkart exclusive product and Coolpad Note 3 is sold exclusively via Amazon India!

Bottom Line

Though both phones are equally impressive, we’ll give the benefit of doubt to the new and stunning, Coolpad Note 3. The dual-SIM based smartphone features a stunning bezel-less design and powers up by MediaTek’s latest processor with 3GB RAM. It certainly creates an ideal ecosystem for seamless work and play, and takes a dig not only against Lenovo but also against renowned budget players rolling in the market.In a nutshell, we say,it’s a complete value for money product, and the entire dealcannot get any better at such price point!

How Safe Is LastPass?

One of the most popular online tools to grow in recent years has been LastPass, a password management tool that hopes to get rid of clutter and minimize difficulty remembering your various passwords by using a master password and randomly generating the rest. In a world where everyone has dozens of online accounts worth protecting, such applications are welcome, but at what cost to security does the convenience come?

Lasr pass

Here are some things you should know about LastPass:

The Concept

You need only to think about the concept of LastPass to be concerned for your security. It is a cloud-based freemium service that allows user to collect all of their passwords into one location, and it promotes that it guards this information very well. Yet if this one location is compromised, the user’s online life is all but ruined, and they will have to spend at minimum a few days cleaning up the mess, that is if they are lucky enough not to be the victim of identity theft. Out of all the different types of eggs to put into one basket, passwords don’t come to mind first.

It also does not help that everything is stored in the cloud, which has a poor reputation for security by any standards. Every other month, you hear about a massive breach of data that nearly destroys a company that is the source and puts all of their clients and customers on edge for at least half a year. No matter the level of security LastPass has, it cannot entirely eradicate human error, nor can it foresee every tool and method a hacker might use in the future.

Previous Problems and Successes

While LastPass has been generally reliable to its customers, there have been a few major incidents that are worth mentioning:

  • In the middle of June 2015, LastPass reported that there was a breach in their security that resulted in the loss of customer usernames and password reminders in addition to other data. While their main vaults weren’t compromised, it shows that the company is not invulnerable.
  • In May of 2011, there were signs of a security breach in which an unknown amount of data could have been taken. LastPass was responsible in responding, and rebuilt much of the compromised hardware from the beginning. To this date we still do not know much more about the incident, but it was bad enough that LastPass asked its users to change their master passwords.

Fortunately for users, there have been few other reports of a breach that isn’t attributed to user error. Considering the value of the target and the frequency of cyberattacks, that should be considered a success.


Using a Virtual Private Network

One thing that would make LastPass a much more viable security option would be to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your device. What a VPN does is create a connection between your device and an offsite server which is well protected. This connection is encrypted using the highest reasonable security standards, which means that no one will be able to look in on your passwords or any other data. They will only be able to tell that you are using a VPN and nothing more. The offsite server will additionally mask your IP address, allowing you to appear as if you are accessing the internet from a different country or location.

LastPass does help you when you are using a public network, especially if you are using a virtual keyboard, but the added protection of a VPN will allow to not only be safe in your password usage but all of your data usage. This includes your user names, your communications, your emails, and your browsing history. Do not let LastPass lure you into a false sense of security where these items are concerned, and be sure to cover all of your bases instead by looking at some VPN reviews and deciding what works best for you.

What if Someone Gets Ahold of Your Device?

Even if you had complete and assured protection and had an absolute guarantee that nothing would happen to your passwords in the cloud, there is still an issue that you might want to think about. What is someone were to get ahold of your phone or laptop without you knowing? It would be extremely difficult for you to know in time so that you could contact their customer support or take any action before the hacker got in (a 4-digit PIN won’t keep someone out for long) and then used the autofill and app to get into all of your accounts and wreak havoc.

Choosing a strong master password is great for these circumstances, but if that is cracked, you have a major issue on your hands, and hackers are developing tools to get through master passwords constantly. It is just another way of putting all of your eggs in one basket, albeit a safer one than most. You can add additional layers of security and verification, but those can always be broken as well.

LastPass is certainly a fine solution to your password management needs, if they were compromised they wouldn’t be in business. Yet is the service really necessary? Do you really want that information in digital form just for the sake of convenience? Wouldn’t a good safe and a notebook provide better protection and peace of mind? Only you can answer these questions and make the right decision.

About the Author: Cassie Phillip is a technology blogger who writes about internet security and data privacy. She enjoys share tips and tricks with her readers to protect them against cyberattacks.

Best router to buy : Archer C9

We are living in an advanced world where everything is connected to the Internet. small thing needs wireless connectivity, be it your Laptop. Smartphone or even you Smartwatch. A Router, and in turn, Wi-Fi has become a basic need and strangely very few companies have mastered this very essential product category. Many companies design router but which is best router to buy , how we are going to decide best router to buy? TP-LINK, D-Link, Net gear  have it presence across globe and is trusted for its offerings in networking products.

Smooth looks and the inherent power of the router is what sets it apart. The sophisticated design, gentle curves and remarkable quality crafted with purity. Best router to buy should  perfectly ft in your home/office environment with Beamforming Technology the router can locate where your connected devices are and boost the wireless signal strength in those directions – it’s like Wi-Fi which follows you.

Archer c9 back view
Archer C9 back view with USB 3.0

Let’s say Archer C9  which provides all functionality you needed The Archer C9 distributes a massive 1900mbps of bandwidth among your devices. This smart Next Generation Router provides you with the next generation Wi-Fi standard –802.11ac, where 1300mbps of it is spread out on Crystal clear 5GHz band and 600Mbps over the 2.4GHz band. Here 5GHz
will take care of the Netfix and YouTube videos streaming also you can pounce your enemy smoothly while playing online games, whereas 2.4GHz band will take care of your emails, browsing, surfng task so that no lag is experienced while processing both things simultaneously. So browser mails, while your sibling plays online games and your mom watches videos on YouTube, all without any lag. Integrated Shield cover will take care of all.also provides you with 1 USB 3.0 port and 1 USB 2.0 Port for storage and sharing. That means all your data can be shared with your family or colleagues from the router itself. The Archer C9 will act as your print server, media server, FTP Server or storage sharing.

If you want more superfast data transfer speeds, you can always hook up your device to the full shielded Gigabit Ethernet ports. With one Gigabit WAN port and Four Gigabit LAN ports you can go viral with speed up to 10X faster than fast Ethernet Connections.

So how does the Archer C9 perform all of these tasks so effortlessly? The secret is the powerful chipset it uses. The Archer C9 comes with an ultra-fast 1GHz Dual-Core CPU
from Broadcom, so you can rest assured there is a powerful processor powering this machine

Feature that Best router to buy should have:

  • Guest Network: provides secure access to guest sharing your Wi-Fi Network
  • Parental Control: Allows parents or administrators to deploy restricted access for children or staff. With URL blocking, you can easily set up a black or white list to limit the level of web access.
  • IPV6 Support: Future-proofing the network you are setting up today.
  • Easy Setup: Quick and hassle free installation via the web configuration utility from any laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Beamforming Technology – Beamforming technology delivers highly efficient wireless connection.
  • Easy One touch WPA – wireless security encryption with the WPS button.

It will cost you approx 10,000 Rs.

Easiest way to get bad credit Smartphones

Easiest way to get bad credit Smartphones:

People with bad credit scores know the feeling of being rejected by network companies when they apply for a mobile phone contract. Don’t worry – you’re not alone, and most providers know this. In fact, most providers now offer bespoke bad credit mobile phone plans that specifically target people with bad credit ratings.

As most of you know, mobile plan providers perform a credit check on each applicant. However, with no credit mobile phone plans, the provider doesn’t perform one, or if they do, they are very lenient when it comes to credit rating standards. Some mobile phone plans geared towards applicants with bad credit actually require you to have a low credit rating in order to apply for a bad credit mobile phone plan.

So how do you apply for a mobile plan despite your bad credit score? Follow these tips and you’ll be the proud owner of a new smartphone in no time.

Check With Your Mobile Phone Providers

Most of the time, people try to downplay their credit rating problems when applying for a smartphone plan. However, since the dawn of no credit mobile phone plans, it’s actually better to be upfront about your financial status. You don’t even need to go to the nearest store or hub, you can look for plans online. Most popular mobile phone network providers like Vodafone, O2 and Tesco have bad credit deals; they simply don’t advertise it as much due to obvious reasons.

Some websites won’t actively mention smartphone deals for those with bad credit, so an email to their customer service department is in order. Ask around for good mobile deals on bad credit. There are even websites on the Internet that help you look for the latest bad credit mobile phone deals out there.

Consider Alternative Mobile Plans

Most mobile plans come in a bundle – you get your smartphone plus a SIM card, along with whatever goodies the mobile phone network company offers. However, these popular deals are usually only reserved for people with good credit ratings. Obviously, no credit mobile phone deals would have severe limitations, but if you’re okay with these, then the chances of you getting a smartphone are guaranteed.No credit mobile phone plans usually require you to pay a deposit upfront. From a business perspective, accepting a mobile plan application from someone with a bad credit rating is a huge risk for providers. A large upfront deposit would lessen the risk.

Another alternative is a mobile phone plan with high service rates. This is a good option if your bad credit rating is a result of past financial hardships and you’re current stable and can afford to pay higher rates for services like texts and calls. Mobile plans like these can get pretty expensive, so choose one with a relatively short lock-in period.If you already have a smartphone, you can consider a SIM-only contract. These contracts almost always guarantees an approval. This is a good option for people who already have a handset.

Bad Credit Mobile Phone Plans As Stepping Stones:

While there are several options available to people with bad credit ratings, nobody wants to be limited in the amount of options they have. With bad credit mobile phone deals, there are a lot of limitations like limited choices in smartphone models and higher service charges. Fortunately, you can use your no credit mobile phone contract to improve your credit rating. If you pay your bills on time, your credit rating will gradually improve and you might find yourself eligible for regular mobile phone contracts.

Things to know about Galaxy Note 5

Planning to buy a new phone? Then one needs to do a bit of a research and homework beforehand. In this world full of technology and advancements, there are many companies which promise their costumers to provide them with all sorts of facilities but at the time of service and commitments, the companies give a major step back. For such necessary and important questions and points to ponder, Samsung has always answered in sheer pride and thus served the audience well. Moreover it is back with one of its top models again and thus has a reason to steal all the limelight to it yet again. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the recently developed and produced model from the company. As the name suggests it has always done justice with it and never fails in doing so. Here are the things to know about Galaxy note 5

Galaxy Note 5When it comes to performance, Samsung takes all the credits because it builds all its phones with such fast processors and technologies. The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with a quad core 1.5 Ghz processor, backed up with the most recent version of android that is android lollipop. So with performance, there can never be a glitch.

Talking about the storage, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 4GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 32GB. This facility gives it clear reason and an option of not getting a memory card. This makes it a device that can have a storage capacity more than that of a personal computer and yet help do all the work with the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has an additional feature of wireless charging and an option open for wired charging too. When talking about wireless charging, it makes a phone with difference. It helps charge the phone in less time and thus save time and energy. The phone is backed with a non removable lithium ion battery of 3000 mAh power.

When it comes to camera, it is a matter of happiness again. It has a camera of 16 megapixels at the rear side of the phone with features like optical image stabilization, LED flash and auto focus in it. Adding to it, it has a front camera of 5 megapixels in the front side of the phone. A camera of such a quality will complement with the fact that it can help clicking very clear and good selfies. These two cameras of such qualities will help the users take absolutely amazing pictures in low lit as well as well lit areas.

galaxy note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is weighed to be around 171 grams and has such good features in it. It has a huge screen of 5.7 inches and fits into the hand. This phone can be a reason to flaunt at times too because having a note 5 is surely a matter of pride any day. With the availability of other features like WLAN, Bluetooth, Mp3 audio and video, loudspeakers and micro USB, this phone was launched in the month of August 2015. The makers have real high hopes on the phone and expect it to reach the sky’s limits.

Mi Piston 3-good bass earphone

Mi Piston 3: Good earphone to buy

Xiaomi China based electronic gadget producer company was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun. Good at creating remarkable product Mi 4, Mi 3, Mi Pad, Mi Box, Mi TV earphones, Mi Power Bank and other accessories.

classical pacakging

After massive success in MI piston 2, Xiaomi launched Mi piston3 good bass earphone. Mi3 in ear headphone is winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award. Mi piston3 offers stunning features Patented sound optimizing technology, aerospace-grade metal diaphragm with superb bass and sound quality and classical gift packaged.

Bass and sound quality:

mi piston 3

Mi piston 3 offers good depth bass than skullcandy and panasonic earphones and it’s predecessors Mi Piston 2. Mi Piston3 bass is little bit punchy, Mid-bass is lower than other earphones quite reference to Ostry K606. But bass depth of Mi3 piston is quite good that’s what make Mi Piston 3-good bass earphone though sub-bass reach and presence lag a bit behind the VSonic’s higher-end GR07.

The Mi Piston 3 picks up presence in the upper mid range and lower treble, giving it a cooler tone. In order to deliver a superior sound in the mid and bass ranges, Mi sandwiched an aerospace-grade metal composite layer in between two PET layers,This preserves the outstanding treble responses of metal, while improving richness in the lower range.

Spiral and airflow design gives quality and stereo effects in the mid and bass ranges. Mi Piston 3 claims have less distortion as compared to Sennheiser CX985 and Urbeats , You can here much more details of music and sound.

Mic with controller:


One good thing about Mi piston3 good bass earphone is at budget price it offers mic with controller to adjust sound,change song and stop playing song.

Kevlar fiber cable-Durable:

Mi 3 piston earphone offers durable, break-resistant Kevlar fiber cable which increases the life of your earphone.

Comfortable and ergonomic Design:

Mi piston 3 have stunning look as well as ergonomic design. Design of the earbud is done in such a convenient way that after putting in ear you will fill comfortable. Earpiece is angled 70° downwards to prevent slipping and The earbuds are angled 120° outwards for a comfortable fit.

ergofit mi piston 3

Plug point:

Plug point is anodized aluminum corrosion resistance and long-lasting wear.


Classical gift packaging makes it look rich, Earbuds comes with 3 different sizes(XS/L/S) to feet as per your ear size. Package comes cable winder to store conveniently.


We checked it compatibility and Mi piston 3 good bass earphone is compatible with almost all devices. Mi piston 3 compatible with Lenovo k3 note, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy A5, A8, J7, Galaxy Note 5, Mi4i, Redmi2  Mac book pro, Dell laptops, Sony vaio laptop. It is not compatible with Micromax Canvas mobiles.

Where I can Buy It?

Best option to buy : Buy it  Mi Piston3 at price 20$ only (price may vary) with tracking ID so you can track easily. Due to custom process delivery may take time. More Products like this to buy.

Pros and Cons:


  • Great design
  • Good bass and sound quality
  • Affordable price
  • Durable wire and corrosive resistant plate


  • Not totally ergofit.  At little high volume sound can be here by near people