Flipd App-antidote for smartphone addicted

Generally Android developer design application for user to spent more time on smartphone device  application like games,social apps and messengers. Flipd application is specially invented for Smartphone obsessed people. Now days parents,students and working professional people facing the problem of smartphone addiction.Here is one app Flipd App- antidote for smartphone addicted .
Install “Flipd” App remove distractions.

Flipd Login
Flipd Remove Distraction

Flipd is Android OS(currently) based application which is developed by Canadian developer.Flipd sources says about their app “Flipd helps you spend less time on your phone. If you find yourself easily distracted by games, social media, and other apps, Flipd creates a lock screen that removes distractions, but keeps you connected. ”

How to use it:

  1.  Download the application from Android market Play store.
  2.  Login with Google plus or Facebook.
  3.  It will start to show you tutorial.flipd app
  4.  Click on flip off button.New pop of window will open in this window choose the time for which you   want to flip of the mobile.
  5.  In flip off mode you want use your phone it will give you one chance to unlock for 60 seconds to flip  on .

    60 second unlock
    Flipd app
  6.   Once it done your mobile on flip on mode.

    flipd mode
    auto response and sound enabled
  7.   After flip time phone will flip off automatically.
  8.  Done.
Key feature :

1. Invite friends,join group create to go in flip mode.
2. Receive call in flip on mode.
3. If mobile power off or rebooted while it is flip on mode after reboot it will automatically restart the flip time when it was restarted.
4. Auto respond message .
5. Make emergency calls when you are flip mode.
6. Open source application (No cost)