Huawei P9 Latest Renders Differ From Previous

Huawei P9 Latest Renders Differ From Previous Ones, Will Not Be Unveiled On 9th March.When the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 dates were announced, the world was getting ready for the latest in smartphone technology to show their faces. One of the most anticipated devices was the Huawei P9 and given the many rumors that surfaced before the event, it was almost certain to make an appearance. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and Huawei fans were left heartbroken. Then, the Chinese company started sending out invited to an event on the 9th of March which was set to take place in Berlin and the hopes of all those fans was activated, once again.

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But it looks like, once again, those hopes have been smashed as a Chinese report states that the P9 will not be unveiled on the 9th of March. This is when people started asking if the device really exists. According to some officials from an unnamed company, the Huawei P9 is a real device and the delay of its unveiling has been brought about due to the dual camera’s that has been rumored over and over again. Apparently, the device has been delayed for a month due to this. Other rumors on the device also say that it will not sport a 6GB RAM as has been circulating for some time. Even the talk about a new Kirin processor has been put to rest which means the P9 could come with the same Kirin 950 that is used on the Huawei Mate 8.

What The New Renders Show Us About The Huawei P9?

side view p9 Huawei

If you have been following the device closely, you would have noticed some very obvious changes in the design of the Huawei P9 in the renders posted today from the ones posted earlier. Firstly, the camera setup on the back has changed a bit and the laser autofocus seems to have been removed. The second change we see is that the fingerprint sensor on the back is now round instead of the more square-ish design as previously displayed. Going to the front, the secondary camera and the proximity sensors have been changed about as well.

It has become quite difficult to actually say which one is true and which one isn’t as they all claim to be “genuine”. But with frequent changes, these rumors should be treated exactly as what they are and until an official announcement is made from Huawei, we cannot take these leaks with any sort of seriousness.

Already Got Its FCC Certification?

It looks like FCC has already certified a Huawei device called EVA-L09 which could be one of the variants of the P9 lineup. According to some early rumors, the Huawei P9 will come in 4 different variants and FCC documentation reveals that the EVA-L09 will have a 2900mAh battery. Pricing for the P9 lineup has also been declared with the cheapest handset coming in at CNY 1,888 ($289) while the most expensive one bearing a price tag of CNY 4,088 ($627).

What is your take on the Huawei P9 rumors and renders? Do you think the device is worth a look? Let us know in the comments section below with your thoughts and queries about the upcoming flagship from Huawei.

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