Tips and apps to take better selfies

Tips and apps to take better selfies:

Everyone wants to take good photos, and even more, want to look good in a photo. At times taking a selfie can be tricky so here are tips and apps to take better selfies. As you need to hold the phone away from you and then snap the picture. You can improve on taking selfies by simply keeping the following few things in mind.

selfie tips and apps

Use a good angle:

You know how you look so use an angle that accentuates your good features. Try to avoid angles that make you look weird, you don’t want to scare your friends when they randomly scroll through your gallery. If you are taking a selfie in a group, then move the camera up to accommodate everyone and try not to cut people in the photograph.


Avoiding using the built-in fash, until and unless there is very little light. Use the natural light which wont make nasty overexposed areas in your photos. Use a well lit room or best would be to shoot under the daylight.


You can always enhance your photos by using various filters. There are a number of apps available that can really add a punch to your photos and make them look impressive. You can also enhance your skin in case those nasty zits are spoiling your face. Body language: Have a nice expression and try to shoot more than just your face with a natural pose. You
can also use the environment, or just show off something new, like the latest title you got for your Xbox.

In the end, it is your picture. You can shoot yourself however and whenever you want, but having a memorable moment in the end, is what counts.


Apps To improve your Selfies:


facetune take selfie

This photo editing app lets you improve every aspect of your picture. You can erase blemishes and emphasize your favorite features plus the app lets you make tons of changes with a swipe of your finger. Available Facetune Android platform.

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam:

youcam perfect

This app comes with an interesting automatic trim feature and other tools to manually remove wrinkles, eliminate dark areas of skin, or delete imperfections. You can even
change forms, making your face look thinner, your eyes bigger and brighter, and even completely erase objects that are in the background.

Available for YouCam iOS and YouCam for Android platform.


frontback logo

This app lets you take a picture with the front camera and another with the rear camera, and combine both into a single image. You can then share them directly on your social media networks.

Available Frontback Android platform.

How to use selfie stick?

tips to take selfie
selfie stick

No matter how stupid you may look holding it, but it definitely helps you getting cool looking
selfies. The selfie-stick is quite an invention where you can just fit your camera/smartphone
on one end and then click from the other end.

Specifications Selfie Stick Selfie Stick Premium
Fully extended length 114.5 cm 75.5 cm
Fully collapsed length 26cm 33 cm
Photo clicking device Shutter Ball Time Shutter
Weight 190g 170g
Material Aluminium Polycarbonate
Tripod included Yes No
Manufactured China Korea

The idea is to basically have a better composition and add a wider area into your picture or
as if the picture was actually clicked by a third person.Yes, there are brands for it. The ‘Selfie-stick’ from Merlin Digital comes in with a length of 114.4cm and is made with durable Aluminum casing. It also comes with a tripod and a shutter ball device to click pictures.

The Selfie stick premium on the other hand comes with ultra-lightweight poly carbonate
body and weighs only 170g, making it easier to hold and carry. It also features a time shutter
device for clicking pictures. The time shutter can connect up to 6 separate devices at one time. It can go up to 75.5 cm in length.



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