Run android apps on chrome browser

android app run on chrome

Run android apps on chrome browser. In Google devloper event Google launched a limited beta “App Run time for Chrome” it is called as ARC project.

By which you can run many of android apps on Linux/Win PC/Mac OS X in chrome browser. It was started for developers only but
now it is available for everyone.

The tool ARC operated on special run time Native Client in browser binary Tech which help you to run android apps on chrome browser
Native Client is a Chrome sand-boxing technology that allows Chrome plugins and apps to run at near-native speeds,to take utilization of CPU and GPU.


It is based on Android 4.4 Version

  • Load one application at a time.
  • You Should selected portrait or landscape layout.
  • You have to choose whether you have to run in Tablet mode or phone.
How To Use It:
  1. Install the latest Google Chrome browser.
  2. Download and run the ARC Welder app from the Chrome Store.
  3. Add third party APK file host.
  4.  After downloading APK app file to your PC, click Open.
  5.  Select the mode -> “Tablet” or “Phone” -> in which you want to run your app.
  6.  Finally, click the “Launch App” button.

For Extra Details on How to publish the application visit here.



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